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Linwood Spiritual Center

Linwood is and has been for so many people a sabbath place...a place where God is found

"But human beings need deepening places, too

And far too many never have any.
Think about your deepening places..."

-Madeleine L'Engle

As I walk the lawns of Linwood and gaze on the river, I know for certain that this is a deepening place. I used this quote from Madeleine L'Engle to open our brochure from Linwood Spiritual Center this year. For me, it is a wonderful description of what Linwood has become over the years for so many people on the journey.


In 1965 the Society of Saint Ursula began the retreat ministry with women in the Schalk mansion which stood on the same spot as the Spiritual Center, built in 1968, does today. For over fifty-eight years our ministry has been blessed and has grown. It has touched the lives and spirits of so many people who have come to think of Linwood as home. Indeed, a recent summer retreatant wrote a note of thanks to say "the land­scape of Linwood is part of my landscape—a sacred place."

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